Review- Yoga The greater Tradition

Rank: 6/10

Joining my personal library? No

Frawley, David. Yoga: The Greater Tradition. San Rafael, CA: Mandala Pub., 2008. Print.

I picked up this book having previously read and loved some of David Frawley’s work  The book is a cute little thing.  I read it hoping to glean greater knowledge from a top author.  Here is my critique.

For what it was, I shouldn’t be complaining as much as I am, but somehow I feel gypped.  Yoga: The Greater Tradition is a tiny coffee table book.  It has a ton of illustrations and annoyingly tiny print.  If I wanted a picturebook I would have gone to the kid’s section.

I would recommend the book only to people who literally have no knowledge of yoga, or are heavily focused on yoga asana.  Frawley thankfully is a competent scholar and what he wrote seemed accurate, I just wish there were more of it.  Overall the book seemed more like a cliff’s notes version of yoga for dummies.  It had pretty much the basics but unlike From the River of Heaven completely lacked any depth.

It had only two parts.  (See, I said it was short)

1.        Yoga and Its Greater Teachings

2.        The Greater Practices of Yoga


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